The URL you entered or clicked on may be one of a known Phishing or Malware site - So we have blocked access. actively tries to prohibit phishing and malware sites from our redirection service.

Phishing / Malware Explanation.

The URL you entered or clicked on is one that has been marked as a known phishing or malware site. uses the Google safe browsing API to determine what sites contain malware or are phishing sites.

What is Phishing?

Phishing is a way of acquiring sensitive information by pretending to be a trusted source - in this case, a website. For more information on Phishing please visit this Wikipedia page.

What is Malware?

Malware is software specifically designed to harm your computer. For a more complete description of malware, please visit this wikipedia page

I Thought I clicked On A URL Didnt I?

You did. is a free URL shortening service. Users can enter a long URL of a website and provides them with a much shorter version. These short URLs are often used on Twitter or in magazines where a long URL either won't fit or is too hard to remember. Sadly, some nogoodniks also use URL shorteners to trick people into visiting malicious websites. That's why you're seeing this page. (using the Google safebrowsing API) determined that the website somebody tried to send you to was harmful - so instead you ended up here.

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